Thursday, March 17, 2011

Horrible video goes viral (its about weekdays too hooray...not)

I am sure most of you are aware of a horrific video post that was made in February by some small time company that is a factory for young female stars. ( why I do not name this company is because I wont waste anymore time looking it up, but I do know of it  ) the horrible video is rebecca black's "friday" a song about the weekend.... and its obvious lyrics pointing out some of the worst song structuring in pop I have heard, can you say auto tune, craft and cheese beats and friday all in the same song.... I wont stick around to find out.

here is a lovely article about the 13 year old girl who will always be known for blowing up youtube with her tasteless song... poor girl: article on horrible song

the link to the actual piece of regurgitated shit: hell itself


  1. This is hilarious, she is blowing up like crazy.

    Seems like a good follow :)

  2. this song needs to be killed immediately.