Saturday, March 19, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

not entirely true it could fit the description of billions if we take into consideration the vast languages that have existed through time.

here is an image for you guys to express word to.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

" Impeccable luck "

Abounded in the far east with the forgotten values that were once adorned
dust piles for the inactivity influenced by the lack of inspiration
a planetary molecule on the verge of seeking impulse
dormant as the remainder of darkness, lower than pitch black
where could one escape without having no predecessor to guide in lessons
lonely roads to intake as biological offspring's wander around the desolate waste
nothing so pure could come from this; the opposite glitched into existence.

Horrible video goes viral (its about weekdays too hooray...not)

I am sure most of you are aware of a horrific video post that was made in February by some small time company that is a factory for young female stars. ( why I do not name this company is because I wont waste anymore time looking it up, but I do know of it  ) the horrible video is rebecca black's "friday" a song about the weekend.... and its obvious lyrics pointing out some of the worst song structuring in pop I have heard, can you say auto tune, craft and cheese beats and friday all in the same song.... I wont stick around to find out.

here is a lovely article about the 13 year old girl who will always be known for blowing up youtube with her tasteless song... poor girl: article on horrible song

the link to the actual piece of regurgitated shit: hell itself

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bits of philosophizing questioning through a video game

what do you want outta life?
to see rare sights
to broaden my horizons
to be strong

what are you so afraid of?
getting old
being different
being indecisive
what's most important to you?
being number one
my prize possessions

"tremble treble"

rebel of the leaves
finish what was started
Unfinished pages are unwanted
future on its knees
worn out the fraying figures arrive
told a tale to taunt the tempests
since when did it have to make sense?
without a guide only one could wonder
no precaution's or planning around the axis
risks entering once the foot set in the premise
demise would follow up to clean
trapped to the judgment of mortified traps
summon the worst that will swallow the vague
expansion is an answer but forget the greed
with any sin to cleanse pretentious words like these

Nibiru  check out this video to see how a section of coordinates on google earth sky was removed; it seems a little odd does it not?